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Nuisance Litigation Defense

The City of Houston, the Harris County Attorney’s Office, and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office bring civil lawsuits against businesses that are perceived as nuisances. These governmental entities typically file suit on behalf of the State of Texas in accordance with Chapter 125 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, known as the Texas Nuisance Abatement Statute.

Our attorneys have significant experience in defending against nuisance lawsuits. We have successfully defended the following nuisance cases in the District Court of Harris County, Texas:

  • State of Texas vs. Bombshells
  • State of Texas vs. Fantasy Plaza
  • State of Texas vs. Life Lounge
  • State of Texas vs. The House
  • State of Texas vs. Down South Offroad Park
  • State of Texas vs. Zona Rosa
  • State of Texas vs. El Reventon Sports Bar and Night Club
  • State of Texas vs. Rich’s Night Club
  • State of Texas vs. Avenue Night Club
  • State of Texas vs. El Jaguar Night Club
  • State of Texas vs. Escobar
  • State of Texas vs. Treasure Island Game Room
  • State of Texas vs. Treasures Gentlemen’s Club
  • State of Texas vs. Los Rieles
  • State of Texas vs. Baby Dolls Cabaret
  • State of Texas vs. Carnaval Night Club
  • State of Texas vs. Harlem Knights

We have the knowledge and experience to assist you with this type of case. You are welcome to call or email us to discuss your specific circumstances. Attorney - Client privilege will apply such that all communications are confidential.


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