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The City of Houston has a code of ordinances that covers everything from alcoholic beverages to water and sewage. The Houston business attorneys of Monshaugen & Van Huff, P.C. represent individuals and companies with municipal code violations.

For individuals, municipal offenses are considered less serious than a felony or misdemeanor, carrying a maximum jail sentence of a year or other possible penalties, including probation, community service, fines and fees. But because they show up on a criminal background check, even the least punishable municipal offenses can negatively affect employment opportunities, professional licensing, security clearances and housing.

Businesses in the hospitality industry are subject to regular fire, food, licensing and health and safety inspections. It’s not uncommon for an inspection to turn up a municipal code violation.

Although most code violations are easily resolved, some – like noise violations at a night club – can become a significant source of conflict between a business, its neighbors and the city.

Because many municipal codes impose a daily fine until the offense is resolved, violations can be extremely costly as well.

We can work with you and the City of Houston to negotiate an arrangement or can go to a hearing to have the fine set aside or greatly reduced.

We’ve handled:

  • Noise violations
  • Fire code violations
  • Sanitation violations
  • Health code violations.


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